Restarting My Life with a New Course, Career and Man

I am 28 and working as a PA in Central London. I like my job but I really have exhausted the job’s potential and feel that I need to progress my career. I considered pursuing an Executive PA job, but the economy is not good and there are few jobs out there. So, I have decided to take a course in order to attain my goal.

In my personal life, I have not had a serious boyfriend for years, just lots of disappointments. I have had cheaters, losers, ugly guys, you name it. However, now I have decided it is time to look for someone special. I think that a lot of the problem that I have had is that I over analyse men and scare off the goods one. Therefore, my pickiness just leaves me in a lot of hopeless relationships with unsuitable guys.

I considered looking on the internet at some dating sites, but for the first time in a long time I decided to chill and see what comes along. They always say that if you do not try too hard, guys will just come to you. In the gym at lunch, I met a guy form my work. He works in my building and started up a conversation at the water fountain. Normally, I would be shy and come across aloof, but I think my adrenaline had kicked in from an hour in my spinning class. After a flirty and friendly conversation, he asked me out for a drink. I could not believe it.

Afterwards, I went back to the changing room and was horrified to see how hot and sweaty I looked. However, I thought to myself he still talked to me looking like this, so I cannot be too bad.

I must say he was quite handsome, not my usual type though. He has an unshaven look and very tall and muscular. Slightly rugby or rower type of build and had that general look, which is not generally for me. However, now I am much more relaxed about these things.

Our date was Friday, but I had an important day, prior to the date. I had found an Executive PA Course in London that was aimed at experienced and advanced people, like me. After my class I felt great, as I could feel that I was moving forward in my life. This relaxed me for my date, as I took a much more horizontal approach to the date.

Normally, I may have been quiet and a little awkward due to nerves, but this time I was laughing and joking from the start. He is a lovely man and quite smart. His name is Pete and he is actually from New Zealand. His sport of choice is rugby, but I could already tell that. He is a little older than me, but essentially he is a good guy. He didn’t try anything on the date, which is a good thing. However, I would like another date. I’ll see if he rings me, but I’m pretty certain he will.

Here is my story of how any girl can move forward with her life in both dating and at work, through a Course.

Find the Dating Website That’s Right For You

For today’s career focused woman, finding a date or even finding the time to go out and socialize can be hard. Sometimes the only options are people in your office, which can get awkward, or going to a bar, which can be a recipe for a regretful one-night-stand.


Fortunately online dating is more diverse and easier than ever. Forget about the stigmas of the past, millions of people are now registered and active users of online dating services. With such a high number of members, the odds of you finding someone that you click with are greatly increased.


Deciding where you fit in can often be one of the hardest choices when contemplating online dating, besides who to date of course. So, are you a conventional gal, who likes to take it slow and see what happens? Are you looking for marriage and a family, like, right now? Are you more alternative in your dating preferences, and want a site that reflects that? Maybe you just don’t have time, and want to go online speed dating?


There are millions of choices and opportunities out there. Here are some of the most popular online dating sites catered to some different personalities:



The Conventional

You want to meet new people. Flirt, chat, go on dates, and see where it goes from there. Of course you want something that will work long-term, but you’re not thinking marriage just yet. With 15 million registered users [stat source below] has an impressive user base of singles from many different backgrounds to choose from. They also offer special outing events like cooking classes and happy hour socials. You won’t be able to do much on without a membership, and they seem to cost $16.99 a month. [I couldn’t get the price from without signing-up, which I’m not doing]


PentyofFish: Also known as POF, PlentyofFish has over 40 million registered users, and is popular with singles in Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Brazil and the United States. Recently the website has geared itself towards providing “meaningful encounters” and offers comprehensive analysis of your relationship needs, and where you may have gone wrong in past relationships. POF is free to use, but it does offer premium services where you can see the date and time that someone viewed your profile, and allows you see if a user read and/or deleted a message you sent them.


The Marriage Minded

eHarmony: eHarmony has been around for over 12 years now, and boasts a large user base and success rate. eHarmony uses personality tests to pre-screen prospective singles, and match them up with compatible users. eHarmony does reject people from their site if they feel they do not line up with what the company wants in its user base. It’s free to create a profile on eHarmony and receive matches; however, you won’t be able to see people’s pictures or contact them. They offer many different subscription rates for you to choose from. You can do a month-to-month membership for $59.99, but if you decide to do more months than that the price considerably drops, with the Basic Plan around $20 per month for a year membership. Sister site of,, aims to pair members specifically for long-term relationships. Positioned as the more welcoming alternative to eHarmony,, uses algorithmic methods to determine people’s compatibility as well as the chemistry they might share together. There are some free parts to, but like you’ll need a subscription to really do anything. They run monthly, and by purchasing more months it gets cheaper. A six-month subscription will cost around $27 a month.


The Alt Dater

OkCupid: Named one of the top dating sites by Time Magazine, OkCupid uses member-created quizzes and multiple-choice questions to pair people together. OkCupid is more catered to the users who don’t take themselves as seriously, and enjoy some humor splashed into their online dating experience. OkCupid is free to use, but you can pay to promote your profile to the top. Launched in 2010, is for the music lovers. By putting in your music preferences you are matched with people who share the same tastes as you, and may even have a similar personality to you. Users can also arrange to meet potential dates at concerts that they’re going to. is entirely free to use.


The Speed-Dater Some people just want to meet as many people as possible in a short amount of time, and see what sticks. Originally started as a Stanford University class project, allows users to spend three minutes with potential matches using text, audio and video chat. You simply tell them what you’re looking for, and then it’s off the races. is free to use; however, premium members have the option to continue speaking with someone after a date. Free members can click that they like someone after the speed date, and they’ll be added to their buddy list.


Angie Picardo is a writer at NerdWallet, a financial literacy website where you can find information on topics from dating to marriage finances.


Statistic source: